What you see is on sale. So in this digital era, it becomes crucial to have a perfect digital marketing strategy. Modern-day customers don’t seem interested in local products customers want to buy a luxury brand whatever they can afford. So your branding must be inviting and interesting to draw their attention.

Why Video Marketing?

1- Video marketing provides you the best stage to get your brand to connect with the customers, you can make content for all age groups and in various forms like cartoons, animation, and short movies according to the trending topics. It transforms information faster than any other medium and initiates a more emotional interaction between the company and the target audience.

2- It is best to grab attention because the motion holds the viewer’s attention and motivates them to watch the full video to understand the motto of a brand. Let us think when you stopped scrolling on Instagram, Facebook, or You tube what was the reason? Yes, mostly there appears a video that made you inquisitive and forced you to watch it till the end. You can also put your brand logo, slogans more attractively and innovatively to emphasize your brand uniqueness.

3- In a video using soothing music, funny voice-over, 3D effects, you can make your product video more interesting. If you are aware of your surroundings can capitalize on them, your video may go viral also. You can put attractive slogans in the video to get attached to netizens. We at Mutagen provide you the best digital marketing strategy to expand your business.

4- According to a study on the digital market, the consideration of video as an integral part of digital marketing is increased from 78% in 2015 to 92% in 2020  is still growing as the count of internet users is growing regularly. There is an increase of 800% in the global watch time of video advertisements.

Types of Videos-

1-   Animated Videos– Nowadays, its observed a rapid hike in the viewership of animated videos among all age groups and describes the products quickly and creatively.

2-   Animated and live mix- It is an exciting mixture of animation and reality as it shows innovativeness in your brand with subtle reality, a famous example of this kind is Pay Pals’ commercial.