A lot of people assume content writing to be an easy job and could be stacked up as a to-do thing for internship periods. However, that is not the case. Writing website content isn’t only about paragraphs of powerful English speech and that is why this isn’t for everyone to do. Sheldon and Penny from The Big Bang Theory are the best examples for this case.

Penny and Sheldon’s conversations are literally peak comedy. The cheesecake factory waitress Penny and PhD Sheldon do not communicate with each other on the same grounds and that is the reason for the funniness. That is solely because Sheldon and Penny have contradicted levels of education and understanding. As it is an entertainment program, they obviously did a great job. Nonetheless, the conversations mishaps between the two aren’t just fictional. This happens in reality. This type of communication breakdown also takes place on websites and it isn’t as amusing, to say the least.

Problems faced by companies.

While creating content, companies tend to apply for three alternatives:

  • Intern writers.

Interns are average writers and people can comprehend what they write. However, there is a drawback. Interns are not totally included with the firm. They do not have access to any prior information about the product or service. Information requires exposure and interns are not exposed to the usefulness of the product or service that the company provides.

  • PhD writers.

It is not troublesome to put the writing work on the smartest of people in the company, like Sheldon. But the question is, is the audience going to understand the writing coming from outsmarted writers. They probably have prior information and knowledge about the product or service, but they will not be able to convey the information through their content creation. This is because they are known to the facts and figures but only they will understand what they write. For normal people, the description has to be a lot easier to read and a resident PhD will use complicated terms. Sheldon cannot convey through his writing to Penny and neither to Howard in some cases.

  • Status Quo.

The worst decision that a company makes is by keeping the content the way it is. No additional changes, no prior information on the product or service at present, and the list goes on. The viewers won’t be very pleased with any old and similar content. It is necessary to put fresh content no matter how hard it gets, cause at the end of the day it is rewarding.


The best thing that can be done to solve this problem is to have both interns and resident PhD’s working on the content. While a resident PhD can do the writing, the intern can read the passage and simplify it so people can digest the information. This will help to create solid website content.