Netizens are increasing, and social is the most attractive platform for them.  Therefore all digital media marketing companies are focused on their Social Media Marketing strategy to expand their business.

Let us see how different uses social media- 

1- Social Media became a part of daily life-

More than 80% of every generation uses social media every day. The reason behind the increment of social media users eases availability of smartphones and easy access to cheap internet. The reason for using social media is different in different generations. 

a- Entertainment

b- Social Media Marketing

c- To expand professional network

d- To stay in touch with family and friends

It is always not necessary that people who belong to the same age group are interested in the the same platform. Their choices may be completely different according to their personality.

2- How much time do people spend on social media?

According to a study, teens and millennials use social media more often than older generations. To be precise, teens try to visit social media multiple times but mostly use a fixed platform. Whereas millennials do visit these platforms multiple times but also use different platforms. According to a social media study, teens don’t have time to use multiple platforms because they always try to master the platforms they use-

3- Is Facebook still popular?

Facebook is still the most used social media platform but it recorded a decrease in its popularity and penetration among teens. Only 36% of teens like to use Facebook. Older generations have shown a great interest in this platform almost 96% of this age group uses Facebook. Teens want to see only what they want. They do not like the junk therefore they are now more interested in Instagram and Snapchat, which only shows what you select that too in attractive images and video format.

4- You Tube – 

YouTube attracts users from all age groups because it has such a diversity of content. Video content is popular among all generations because it can give an immense amount of information, entertainment, knowledge in such a shorter time duration which could be impossible for any other platform. It allows you to search and watch the content you like and keeps recommending more videos of the genre you have searched. This is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity.

The popularity of visually-driven platforms boosts the influencer market. The platforms like Instagram have also given rise to social media influencers and influencer marketing.