In this digital era, Social media is virtually present in all parts of our modern life. As observed globally, there is an increase in many netizens regularly, and this number is now reached 3.8 billion users, which means 50% of our global population.

The current scenario of Covid-19 introduced the world of Social media to many new internet users. We are expecting a hike of approximately a billion users which will expand our Social media universe even further.

When we think about the Social media universe, it creates an image like most of this sector will be present in the USA, but the reality is different in the top 10 most used apps worldwide, CHINA is the owner of 5 of them.

Let’s have a closer look at Social Media Universe-

1-   We Chat- This application is the most used in CHINA and approximately ranks 4 or 5 in the most used platforms worldwide. It holds 1.2 billion MAU’s (Monthly active users) and belongs to the BATX group, which is the arch-rival with USA companies.

2-    Facebook- It’s one of the apps that launched a long ago, but it still holds the top position when it comes to the number of users. Facebook updated its application regularly according to the demands of users and to give competition to newly launched apps. Facebook is most used also in Social Media Marketing so it becomes important for the digital marketing industries also. It is now closer to the 3 billion MAU mark, which is still a dream for many other companies.

3-   You Tube- This application earned a revenue of $15.1 billion in 2019, and its users are increasing rapidly, and it became a competitor to the television industry. Sometimes its algorithm has been criticized as a dark web because it bound you in the loop, and it keeps recommending the video as per your previous searches. YouTube recently launched a premium pack for users to avoid advertisements while watching a video. The parent company Alphabet has recognized the potential, and they are putting all the money on it.

4-   Instagram- This platform has new updates of filters, reels, and stories became a point of attraction for the youth audience. In near future, it can become the most used application for social media marketing.

5-   Twitter-  Its earnings of $1.2 billion in 2018 and $1.5 billion in 2019 shows this is a popular app. The main attraction of this application is to ease your access to celebrities and politicians. You can convey your messages to a higher authority by tagging. You can start a campaign with a hashtag these features make it unique from the lot present.


Controversial Social Media – With 3.8 billion users, it becomes hard to censor the posts and activities of users, and some incidents in recent times proved that social media is misused for different purposes. Many anarchic elements used the social media platforms to spread fake news, which becomes a point of tension between some communities, and some data leak news of Facebook shocked the world. Therefore Social media platforms are in the circle of questions worldwide they have to find a solution to these issues as soon as possible to maintain their brand value and trust among the users.