Redesigning a website helps to improve the conversion rate, the appearance, and the visitor’s experience on visiting the website. While redesigning a website one should keep in mind that it does not increase the traffic risk of the search engine. So planning and execution are required website redesigning in order to avoid problems for the organic traffic and ranking for the website. To make sure that the website redesign is done without any pitfalls, this article will talk about the ultimate website design SEO checklist.


Website design SEO checklist

  • Analyze the website.

Before redesigning the website owner needs to check how their content site is performing. Checking the domain authority, The bounce rate, the sites ranking for the important keywords, the amount of sale generated from the site and so on Will help in deciding what is working for the content site and what is not

  • Inventory of the high performing content.

While checking the current website the website owner should take a clear look of the pages that have higher number of views and shares, the keywords these particular pages rank for, and the inbound links. These things are the assets of the current content site and should be protected while The redesigning process. Protecting this will help the content site from losing traffic after redesigning. Doing this will help in retaining the SEO of the site.

  • Determining the SEO goals. 

The next process is to decide on how to improve. Deciding on whether the Keyword rankings need to be increased or The visitors per month need to be doubled and so an before hand, will make the procedure much easier. The redesign project should be both aligned and With the entire marketing strategy. The redesign project Should be achievable, measureable and goals specific.

  • Optimization of the existing content.

Implementing the on-page SEO tactics after determining the keywords of all the pages will improve the ranking chances. The best practice is using the keyword in the heading, the URL, the introductory paragraph, and so on.

  • Content Pruning.

There will be some pages in the content site which do not generate enough traffic or are irrelevant to the site. Those pages need to be excluded or removed in order to maximize the crawled budget.

  • Updating the site architecture.

Once the pruning is done, the remaining pages in the sites need to be organized in such a way that supports the search engines and visitors to find them easily.

So, this was the ultimate website design SEO checklist.