The advertisements you see on television, newspaper and on social media platforms they are not simple as they seem. There must be a group of people working on small subtle issues-  like the color of text and page, what should be the size of images, and many others like that. While creating a social media digital marketing strategy, you have to sure about everything. We at Mutagen have experienced professionals who advise and help in creating a perfect plan to expand your business. We have served 500+ happy clients.

Influence of Color on our brain- 

We never revisit a page whose interface and design are not inviting. We create an impression of everyone in our minds when we see them for the first time. According to a study, a customer decides to buy something or not, in a minute after having its first impression, and colors of images used in the advertisements are approximately 70-90% responsible for the first impression. It indicates the importance of choosing the right color for your brand in this digital era.

How important are the colors on social media?

Do you remember the complementary color combinations taught to us back in school, like red and green, yellow and purple, and blue and orange? This combination makes them unique and attractive.

How to grab the attention of viewers?

A combination of contrast colors is the best and easiest way to grab attention. It draws the attention of the eyes of any specific element. You can use this in your social media marketing strategy. As you are aware of they use complementary and contrasting colors, but you can not use them so often. Therefore, you have to find new combinations that suit your brand. One trick is to use primary color in a 7:3 ratio to the complementary color.

Provide Consistency in Content- 

You have to be careful about the color you associate with your brand because it creates an image of your brand for the customers. You must try to maintain a color scheme in your social media posts because a continuous change in colors associated with your brand doesn’t look great.

According to a recent study some color depicts your personality psychologically.

  • Blue- Competence
  • Red- Excitement
  • White- Sincerity
  • Black, purple, pink – sophistication
  • Brown- Ruggedness

Boost Your Social Media Efforts- 

In social media marketing, color psychology is an important and overlooked term. By considering this, you can re-create your social media pages and rebrand your product to expand your business.