All of us desire to create content that is read by more and more people and get more shares. It is important to hit the right chords to create content loved by masses and content that is loved by masses is called viral content.

Though the fundamental idea of making viral content is that it has to be something people find relatable, We have picked out several parameters to help you develop such content with consistency. Following them will increase your content’s visibility and likeability.

Let’s know them one by one- 


URLs should be short as they are easy to share on social media and also helps in SEO as you can use your targeted keyword with them. 

It is advised to use a descriptive URL to help it convey some information about the content of the target website. Another most important thing is to avoid using stop words in the URLs.


It is great to have a headline that contains numbers, as they prove to be more engaging. Heading with numbers gained 73% more share than the headline without numbers, studies while suggesting that numbers attract the brains, also indicate that it is better to use odd numbers than even numbers. 

To increase the reach of your content, try using brackets in the headline as it helps in specifying the kind of content it refers to and higher chances of attracting users as they get a better idea of what they are clicking. 

Another thing that helps in making a headline effective is to keep it under 70 characters, as short headings look more attractive. Also, Google only displays the first 70 characters in the SERPs. The user will miss the later portion of your headline.


To increase the no. of users, it is beneficial to use colorful and attractive images with the content. Reports suggest that 80% of people are more likely to read content with colorful visuals.

It is not recommended to use stock photos, though using pro images is preferable as they have reported 121% more Facebook shares on average.

Another tip is to use featured images, as they ensure that your social share is complemented with an image. It is reported that posts with featured images garnered 50% more tweets and 53% more likes on Facebook.


One of the important things to note about content is that long-form content is more effective than short-form content. It provides more information to the user. It helps in adding value and keeps them engaged. It also helps to develop a trustworthy relationship between the brand and the user.

It is advised to use a short and concise introduction to convey information to users with maximum efficiency. The most relevant part should be visible to them as they open the article rather than them searching for it in the whole article. Try to tell a story through your content or at least keep a clear motive about the information you are willing to pass to your user.