StudioPress sites were launched by the Rainmaker Digital Team in January 2017. There are a lot of special features to look forward to. The admin panel and the ease of use are one of the best benefits. If you are unfamiliar with StudioPress sites, let’s get you through a quick dive on what it is, who they are developed for, and why would you want to use it.


Introduction to StudioPress Sites

StudioPress Sites are developed on the platform of WordPress software, but what is different is that they do not stay within WordPress software and neither have to be called on through the software of To be specific, StudioPress Sites has all the abilities of WordPress but they do not need any servicing or sustenance related to independent blogs or websites.

Users will not require any maintenance related to operating their own website as they will have all the capabilities of Genesis. Hence, this is why the difference is vital as it suggests that StudioPress is offering an independent interpretation of the Genesis Framework.


Who has benefited from StudioPress Sites?

StudioPress Sites is largely excellent for podcasters, bloggers and associate marketers. These will also be useful for people selling material products, membership proposals and digital downloads. On the other hand, StudioPress sites would also be useful to anyone who wants to do online retailing and doesn’t want to be involved in too much hassle of software updates and analysing solutions.

This gives us the idea that these websites are developed for independent entrepreneurs with a minimum budget and lack of interior tech support. Combining aspects including themes, plugin, hosting and updates, StudioPress Sites have a starting price of $27 per month, which gives considerable savings.


Why would an individual need this service?

This is the main reason for the sales of StudioPress sites to the common masses. For independent marketers, this is the easiest way to website layout, which will allow users to create better website content for their page. Also, it is beneficial to those who don’t want to be concerned with extra monthly payments for sustenance and hosting for their web page or blog.

StudioPress sites could be great alternatives to other website builders like Weebly, Wix or HubSpot. These are not ideal for everyone but if you are wanting to expand your business with the easiest options, this is for you.