In the digital marketing strategy, the most crucial factor that comes to everyone’s mind is SEO because it is the highest-rated method to increase traffic to your website. In how many searches will Google will display your website, or how many new visitors you shall have on your website, all of this is directly dependent on your SEO quality.

Let us see some SEO tools that will help you to grow your business-

1-   Google Analytics- It is a free website that helps to keeps a record of your website, like which marketing idea drives the most traffic to your website. What the visitors want from your website, in which manner they want to use it, which content they prefer. It provides all such beneficial insights.

2-   Google Trends- While writing designing an SEO, it is crucial to keep track of keywords because keywords are the key elements to build a strong SEO. Google Trends helps you to find the best-suited keywords for your business.

3-   Google Search Console- This will help you to get your website discovered on Google. It also does a test drive on your website to rectify the errors. By using a search console you test the reach and ease to access your website.

4-   Moz Pro- It is a paid tool to improve SEO. It is widely used by the digital marketing industries. It provides you the resources to learn more about SEO and help you to analyze trends in the industry. With the help of Moz Pro, you can find the best-suited keywords, check your rankings, and gives beneficial insight in finding potential URL. It is available at $99 per month.

5-   Ahrefs- The main feature of this tool is that it keeps a record of your competitors. This feature has drawn the interest of digital marketing industries and SEO managers because by analyzing your competitor you can make a better strategy for your company. It also provides tools to find keywords, crawling your website, and checking backlinks. It costs $99 per month.

6-   Optimizely- A/B  testing is a method used to analyze two types of webpages, landing pages or websites, and using live statics, it helps to determine which one is better. It became famous among digital marketers and web designers for this feature of A/B testing tools that may be used to improve their websites.