Social media is a platform that is extensively used for marketing campaigns and has become a tool to strengthen them. To make sure your advertisement gains traction from the right kind of audience, it is most important to the understand demographics of these platforms- 

Recently, Pew Research Center published research focused on user behavior on some of the most popular social platforms. Let’s have a look at some of the outcomes of this research- This research suggests that women use social media more than men, with a reported difference of 9%.

It shows that people living in large cities are more active on social media than those who live in semi-urban or rural areas since the study reported that almost 70% of the population is active on social media. 

Dividing the users based on their ethnicity, Hispanics are the people with the most engagement on social media as 72% of people using social media, whereas 68% African-Americans and 65% Caucasians use social media.

Facebook is the most popular platform among adults with almost 67% percent of people using it and 20% on LinkedIn and Twitter is used by only 16% of people. One of the obvious findings was that the major chunk of social media users is of the age group 18-29, this has been constant since 2005. While Pinterest is popular among rural residents, women, whites, Facebook is popular among women and 18-29-year-olds.

By household income 72% of people with income less than 30k, while 66% of the people with income more than 75k+ are active on social media.

Going by educational level those who are in high school or less saw an engagement of 66%, 69% of those in some college, and 85% of those with a college degree are active on social media. Going by the sex ratio, 62% of males and 71% of females are active on social media. Trailing to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, Pinterest is being used by 15%, Instagram by 13%, and Tumblr by 6

The statistics from December 2012 suggest that the usage of social media has decreased for most of the user groups, except for the users between the ages of 30-49 years as it rose from 73% to 77% for them.