Influencers Ad budget rise

Influencer marketing is increasing in India as the brands are looking for influencers to make their content the best, present online amidst the ongoing pandemic. Thus, the budget for influencer marketing had shown a significant increase in 2020  compared to 2019. 39.23% of CMOS have increased their spending on influencer marketing. Kunal Kishore Sinha, the Co-founder of had said, “ Influencer marketing is at the cusp of exponential growth. It is the veritable future of marketing, a fact that is evident from this first-of-its-kind survey report. At, we are excited to be at the forefront of such a fast-growing sector and are geared up to gain further scale in the coming months.” The CMOs are even fixing the budget to spend on influencer marketing as influencer marketing has become very evident for the credibility of the brands online.

B2B buyer report

The B2B buyer report can be a touchstone to understand the B2B buying practices and the preferences of the customers and improve the marketing strategies & sales.

Steller US Ad market Spending Increase

The US Ad Market in March 2020 has made a significant growth up to 25% since March 2019. It has even increased 7.2% from the pre-pandemic, the month of March 2019, SMI data suggests.

Zoom immersive view

According to Zoom’s recent announcement,  up to twenty-five people will be able to together occupy the shared environments by using Zoom’s feature that was recently launched. It is done to expand the presentation format of the traditional participants of the video conference firm.

 LinkedIn’s LXP

The forthcoming LXP of LinkedIn will be offering a large number of speed boosting and community-based features for learning to help the digital marketers.