Video marketing is becoming more and more complex with every passing day. It is becoming more of a complex task to find influencers who have genuine appeal in your target audience, and it is getting rarer to see any big influencers sticking to one niche, which makes it even harder for a brand to find influencers with genuine engagement.

What is a micro-influencer?

The first question that comes to mind is, who are these micro-influencers? So, these are small influencers who have the following around 10k to 100k. These people are specific in the variety of content they produce, so they have a very defined niche.  They have a small audience to cater so their engagement is rich in terms of quality. The audience feels connected. They almost work as a group of people having specific similar interests. It helps the brands which have those groups as the target audience.

Micro-influencers vs. Macro-influencers

We did talk about who are micro-influencers, but the obvious question arises then why not approach people with the number of followers more than these micro-influencers but stats suggest otherwise. It is found that these micro-influencers have a much higher rate of engagement, so these people have a more powerful influence on people. They affect purchasing decisions among their followers.


Why Micro-influencers are more effective

Let us discuss three important factors behind the success of micro-influences micro-influencers-

These micro-influencers have a smaller audience so, it’s easy for them to interact. Which results in a high engagement rate and has a more powerful influence among these smaller groups 

They have higher credibility as their fans relate to them and perceive them as people similar to themselves, rather than thinking of them as celebrities.

Micro-influencers are generally people who are dependent on other income sources rather than sponsored products like big celebrities, this increases their authenticity among the audience that whatever they are endorsing is genuine.


Benefits of using micro-influencers YouTube micro-influencers –

There are numerous benefits of using these micro-influencers for marketing-

They have a super targeted audience which ensures that the majority of people watching the advertisement are from your target audience.

This helps in increasing brand awareness as you can focus on them describing your brand and its benefits in detail. Also, these influences need to be paid less money in comparison with the big celebrities who don’t have an audience belonging to a specific niche.