Everyone must have heard about GDPR being talked about all over the web.  It is quite a burning topic now with everything that is going around about security & data breaches. The buzz about GDPR is something the  owners of the websites should not ignore. Though GDPR has its focus on the websites concerned with the EU, websites from any part of the world need to be concerned about the GDPR ruling as we reach people all around the world through the websites. 

The problem with WordPress is not related to implementation but its user base. WordPress is known for providing superior quality CMS support to the users starting from the solopreneurs to organizations. WordPress’s actual user base consists of small businesses & individuals.

Why should you be concerned?

While discussing this one must first understand, who does GDPR govern. GDPR governs every one that collects some sort of data that is personal. The geographic scope for this regulation of GDPR is far-reaching. GDPR’s Article 3 says that if someone collects any sort of personal information from a person residing in a European Union country, the company has to meet the requirements of GDPR. This only applies to the consumers that are residing in an EU country and not outside the EU. Secondly, even though a financial transaction doesn’t take place, whenever a company gathers personal information from a person for surveying or marketing purposes this will apply and that means the data of the consumer will be protected as per the regulations of GDPR.

The US companies that have a market in some EU countries & have web content that is localized need to review their operation on the web. This applies only to the data concerning the citizens of the EU.

The mail service providers have updated their policies in order to make compliance an easy process. WordPress has also added a bunch of erasure and data extraction features.