Top organisational priorities for marketers right now 

38 percent of CMO council partners anticipate to upgrade or enlist for demand-gen and content while 45 percent are willing to do so for go-to-market operations. Further on followed by the rest of 33 percent of members, who venture to elevate digital interactive marketing undertakings. It is in the best interest of digital marketers, to analyse the prime three areas in currently- released organisational priority survey data of CMO

Google ad insights

The famous Google Ads platform has its latest embodiment released globally by Google which includes a line-up of upgraded insight characteristics for searching recent and emerging trends developed in each business account, which the search engine recently declared.

U.S. Spending Surges 22% in March 

Digital ad spending in the U.S. market increased by more than 23 per cent in March of 2021 than that of the previous year. The overall ad spends climbed up to 22%, as said by the Standard Media Index Data.

Global state of media report

  • Instagram has started experimenting with the ability to shuffle like counts on and off, additionally giving an option to users for hiding the like counts on their posts.
  • YouTube has launched its latest manual for creators and companies, containing information regarding the factors concerning video recommendations like engagement indications, quality watch time, etc.
  • Twitter has started analysing new professional profiles, which comprises business-related information and verification emblems.
  • Facebook has begun to give its business suite users alternatives for slating their Facebook and Instagram stories, in addition to the saving drafts and other additional features for business accounts, as newly announced by the company.

These were your latest updates in the B2B marketing field.