How many influencers are influencing your marketplace?

Social listening enables you to spot what percentage influencers are driving the influence within the industry. In some industries there might be a critical mass of just 10 folks that influence the entire industry whereas in other categories / topical areas there are often a disparate influencer set that influence different clusters of audiences. Some influencers are very influential but not engage able so you would like to know how the flow of influence works and where you’ll make an impression.


Are you confident that their experience & case studies are relevant?

There are copious influencer marketing platforms out there, operating in several industries against different use cases. to know what brands their experience best serves you would like to know the work they’ve wiped out sectors and industries relevant to yours and around use cases almost like what you would like to realize .


 What proportion of time & resource will you have to invest?

This will have a dramatic impact on what proportion of time and resources you would like to take a position to run a successful program. make sure that you understand each stage of the method in order that you’ll effectively gauge which steps you’d wish to incorporate with the assistance of a tool:

  1. Influencer Discovery 
  2. Insights 
  3. Activation 
  4. Relationship Management 
  5. Measurement –

 Are they creating industry thought leadership?

Influencer marketing may be a growing industry with many unoriginal content. Contributing issues around ‘fake influence’ and influencer fraud, it’s a challenge to understand where to start to find useful, insightful and academic content. a sign of an influencer marketing platform that’s contributing to the event and innovation within the industry is one that produces original, ground-breaking thought leadership content that’s educating the industry on best practice.

Is your influencer marketing program independent or a part of a wider social advocacy play? 

Influencer marketing shouldn’t be a siloed program because it can help drive results across many internal programs like Brand Advocacy, Employee Advocacy, PR, Product Marketing, Account Based Marketing and Social Selling. These programs are all a part of a wider social advocacy play creating compelling content from your employees, influencers, advocates and customers. It’s ultimately all social media advocacy designed to boost awareness, perception and increase sales or change behaviors.

An influencer marketing platform that helps you connect and integrate influencer marketing into your wider marketing & commas activity will assist you drive better results and make this a long time program, instead of an experimental program.