Content marketing looks as relevant in 2021 as it was in  1996 when Bill gates write an essay using the phrase “content is king” And the reason to supports this theory is endless – studies have shown that the content market generates 3 times more leads than another form of marketing, and it is 62% cheaper than other alternatives.

Content marketing can attract and engage buyers even before brands contact them, it helps in providing value and information to the customers, which helps in increasing brand awareness, increase traction among the prospective customers, thus driving more leads, in contrast with the complex sales funnel generally used by B2Bs.

For the present time, the content marketing strategies will see an impression of the effects Covid-19 had on the industry.

Brands will have to understand the changed behavior of the customers and industries, the impacted covid-19 had on them, and what their plan looks like, an important step to sustain your customer base in this competition-driven environment to adapt yourself to the new environment.

Let’s look in detail how the new content marketing trends look like in 2021

Fostering communities for your users –

The pandemic has created a void among users, and there are difficulties in being in touch with anyone, this has inspired the brands to foster the community around their products, which helps the customers get a sense of belongingness.

Subscription-based communities are the latest trend in this sector, here users pay to access the content and data suggests that there is a large chunk of people who are willing to do that.

Long articles and blogs-

To help you override the complex B2B sales funnel, you can rely on the long articles and blog content as they engage the audience by providing value and information and also helps in building authority for search engines.

Automation of the content –

It is a process of modifying the same content to make it suitable for different social media platforms, rather than creating specific content for each social media platform. It helps in amplifying the social media presence, and the campaign gets coherence among all the platforms.

Interactive videos –

Content space has rapidly changed into a video content-dominated space, and research shows that 70% of users and researchers watch the video at some point in their watching journey.

This is also an effective way to engage your customers as more and more video-driven social media platforms are seeing an unprecedented amount of traffic.

Online courses and webinars –

This isn’t a new method, but the current situation has given it a renewal with the pandemic locking people into their homes, this has resulted in an increased demand for high-quality online courses and webinars.

Adding on to that you can focus ti complement these courses and webinars with lQ&As,  breakout sessions, and virtual workshops to keep your audience engaged.