What is website redesign?

A website redesign is basically a defined procedure of revising your site, inclusive of updated content, new formats and improving navigation for better modifications and website performances. Your website is the most vital tool in upgrading your marketing and sales. You cannot keep it without redesigning it for more than 4 to 5 years. Many will disagree with the topic of redesigning a website unless it is for realigning business strategy. But why will you decide to change the format of your website unless it is prioritising your business policy? Marketing strategies and business alignment are henceforth, one of the most important objectives of the whole procedure of redesigning a website.

Panos Pictures redesign

Panos pictures, a film and documentary photo agency, the complete look of its website and even the fundamental architecture of the site.

Before redesign

 The previous version of Panos Picture was very non-responsive and non-mobile friendly which had low navigation alternatives and was hefty on Javascript. Except for the old fashion navigation menu and 3 to 4 pictures on the homepage, there were no proper directions for a user to follow. Looming over the pictures brought up a good details layer, and the user could click through to view more data about the photo story being brought out.

After redesign

The redesigned version of the Panos website has a lot of similar components as it is a photo agency and it is compelled to feature photos. However, the way things are done has changed.

The first and foremost thing is that the website is now completely responsive, so the contents of the site automatically adjust with the user’s display. The old fashion top navigation menu is now removed and is now concealed behind the hamburger menu button which appears as layers when clicked on. The unchanged components are the logo and the simple search field in the top bar. With the title and a CTA overlapped, a large image dominates the main content space. There is more content down the page which directs users to scroll down. In this section, there is an animated effect filter option. 

Ultimately, the Panos redesign has come up with a better user experience without losing the brand reputation.