Blogging is currently becoming popular among the netizens, with 409 million people reading more than 17.6 billion pages. When you are about to start any new thing, you will find a lot of unnecessary advice that has no relevance in your venture same goes with blogging 

Let us see some popular myths about blogging-

1-   How frequently you should upload the blogs-

One of the famous myths that every blogger must have heard that you must upload a blog every day to increase your page reach. To publish a blog, you have to do research, editing, and crisp writing. It becomes impossible to maintain standards because you will have no time to check all the boxes.  So a better idea is to take the required time to complete your research, write a crisp blog, and do edit it carefully, and publish it only when it’s complete. Content is the king, so to increase the quantity you must not compromise with the content of your quality.

2-   SEO Optimization –

People say that SEO optimization is the most important thing for any blogging page. You have to write a fixed number of keywords, images, and do have to write a long blog. Yes, these are important points to consider but at last, you have to provide user-friendly content, which needs to be funny, innovative, and informative. A helpful tool for WordPress bloggers is Yoast’s SEO plugin.

3-   Marketing is not beneficial?

It is also a myth that your job is just to write a quality blog and you will get the viewers. The marketing of your blog is all your responsibility, you have to publish on every social media platform, the study recommends that the idle ratio of time is 50:50 in writing to sharing, some resources suggest it to be 20:80.

4-   Easy to make money- 

A myth that invites many new creators to the blogging world that they just have a few blogs and they will comfortable living off blogging, but making a living off blogging typically requires more than just quality content, but also a way to make money from one’s audience. Take advantage of the many ways to monetize your blog.

5-   Write short blogs-

They say that writing that does not require the user to scroll will ensure they will read the entire thing, but creating a long, detailed post that offers more value will invite readers. Constantly writing posts of the same length can grow your page. Use headlines, section headings, subheadings, and various paragraph lengths will make your long content inviting.

6-   No one uses Email lists- 

Is social media the only place on which bloggers can promote their posts? Email is an interesting option that provides bloggers to connect with their existing readers on a more personal level create exclusive or premium content for readers on your email list.

7- Use fancy words –

It is one of the most common myths in content writers’ minds, but if you are providing quality content with layman language using common words will be mostly liked by readers.