To build a strong marketing funnel, which can direct customers to our business, it has become important to have a robust social media strategy.

Social Media has become the new turf for marketing. It has become a necessity for every brand to have a great social media presence to effectively market their product.

With passing time, the efforts you need to keep your social media game A level has increased a lot. Earlier one of the biggest factors was a consistent posting schedule and anyone with a constant schedule generated good leads and gathered an audience but as the competition and taste have improved, we need to devise a strategy that is more targeted to the specific customer bases.

To achieve effective social media traction for your brand, we recommend using the following steps –

1- Choosing a platform for suitable interaction-

Make sure to pin down the platform with the most active user base of your target audience and focus on building an effective repo on it.

It is important to understand user demographics of platforms, for example- LinkedIn and Facebook are popular among people of age 25 and above whereas, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are more used by those in their late teens and early twenties. 

2- Identify your goals-

Many brands operate their social media campaigns just for sake of being there, rather their campaigns should be goal-driven. They should have well-defined performance parameters so that they can pick up the most effective strategy for attracting and engaging their target audience 

Some common social media goals corporates have-

  • advertising
  • marketing
  • redirecting traffic.

3- Enhancing the audience- 

The most effective thing to have in a social media campaign is engagement. If it can attract the target user to be part of your campaign, you’ve already made it successful. Studies suggest that users if left unengaged are 30% more likely to choose a competing brand.

4- Make a posting schedule-

Make a plan for the content you post on your social walls and you have daily weekly and monthly variations. It is very important to maintain the schedule and keep testing new ideas in it and this makes it easier to assess the effectiveness of these ideas.

5- Analyzing your methods –

It is important to analyze what you’re doing and the effects it does. You can then derive, the areas you need to improve and what you should continue that work well for you.

Google Analytics is an effective tool to help you do so.

  • Reach and impressions.
  • Clicks.
  • Engagement.
  • The number of posts.

5-Know your competition-

 Doing your best is important is as important as knowing your competition. To be aware of known against whom you’re fighting. If there are loopholes they overlook, you can get serious advantages out of them. Try to avoid their mistakes and learn from their most effective practices.

 6- Improving your strategy- 

Social media is a dynamic platform, which keeps evolving. What is effective today may not work tomorrow. You’ll have to improve it and keep you updated with advancements happening in that field. Following the previous five steps will help you stay on track for this one.