Social media is the most crucial part of any marketing campaign nowadays, and it is a monstrous task to manage a social media campaign. It requires taking care of the content to be posted, track the engagement, and analyzing the performance of these experiments.

It is almost beyond the human range to do all of this without taking the help of technology. So we have listed some tools for you, which will make your task of managing and tracking social media performance easier-


It allows you to manage content streams on multiple social media accounts using a single platform. It also efficiently arranges data to help you in analyzing its performance and track its progress.

It also allows to schedule multiple posts across the platform for days, months, and even years. It also offers other services like customized URLs etc.

Sprout social-

It is a platform that enables users to create a schedule and publish as per their need which helps in effectively managing a social media campaign.

It provides real-time analysis and trends, which provide a clear picture of your audience’s behavior on social media. Even though it lacks the integrating tools to youtube and Pinterest, its ability to pull reports and exploring pdf helps it to stand out.

Spread fast-

This is the software to look forward to if you are looking for advanced analytics reports and need data in the proper format. It allows you to export them in easily accessible formats. It also allows to search keywords and manages online conversations related to them. It suggests suitable posting schedules and offers to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Apart from having these many pros, its downside is reported to be its slow speed.


It allows you to manage more than 40 accounts at once and also offers to schedule posts for these accounts per your convenience. It offers analytic to your account, picks out the most used tags in a list, and allows you to delete posts using a schedule. Apart from having these pros also have their downsides as it is available only for Instagram, also these tools only provide a surface-level overview of the data.

Simply measured-

This is a software that is appropriately named as per what it does it helps in analyzing the data and insights with the use of charts, tables, and calculation, it can operate on 12 social media accounts simultaneously. It represents most of the analytics in the form of charts divided into five sections – Competitive leader board, overview, engagement on brand posts, community health details, and content details.