• LinkedIn Live- Podcasts

LinkedIn Live has enabled marketers to drastically increase engagement, with live-streams receiving 24x more comments and 7x more reactions than native video. 

Alongside the launch of LinkedIn Live came LinkedIn Events, allowing page admins to make dedicated pages for each event. These pages offer an area to tell and have interaction audiences at each stage of the event lifecycle, and may even be wont to house LinkedIn Live broadcasts.

  • LinkedIn Events- Webinars

The covid19 lockdown meant that physical meetings and face to face events were finished. In response, the planet has shifted to digital, leading to an enormous spike within the number of virtual conferences, webinars, and online events.

But a pre-recorded video simply isn’t a match for a live talk or conference. In response to the present, LinkedIn released ‘LinkedIn Live’, making it possible to broadcast real-time video directly onto the platform. This allowed marketers to host live virtual events on LinkedIn for the primary time. 


  • Promotion

Make sure anyone who should realize your upcoming Live or event, does. Combine multiple different strategies, like an up-to-date Events page, paid and organic promotion, and event hashtags. Maximise your reach by asking employees and partners to share the event with their own networks.


  • Video content marketing

As fewer people are ready to come face-to-face, video content has exploded, replacing human context in many cases. Video content marketing is that the single greatest B2B Marketing trend we see over 2021.

Regardless of the rationale for video, it’s often a more efficient sort of presenting content to an audience. If an image speaks thousand words, a video can speak millions! When it involves B2B marketing, you would like to make sure that your audience understands what you’re offering. Generally video content will fare better than blog posts and other text-based content.


  • Repurpose content 

Once your live stream is over, still reap the advantages by reusing and repurposing that content, for instance turning it into blogs, short videos and ‘On Demand’ sessions.

Choose a streaming partner that permits you to reply to comments and questions in real-time. This may help your audience to desire they’re within the room with the speakers and obtain the foremost from your event.


  • Conversation Ads

Offering a highly personal and direct ad format, LinkedIn Message Ads (formerly In Mails) are a staple feature of the many B2B advertising campaigns.

With the introduction of a replacement Sponsored Messaging ad format, Conversation Ads, LinkedIn has taken this personalisation a step further. Because the name suggests, Conversation Ads are a choose-your-own-path ad format allowing members to participate during a pre-written conversation with you about your company or offer.


  • Integrated Marketing Teams

Moving forward, stratifying a marketing team into different channels will hamper efficiency. This may be particularly apparent as Omni channel marketing takes centre stage in reeling in prospective business clients.

Integrated marketing team members should realize each other’s roles in order that they will align their goals to dovetail with others’. This may be particularly useful in 2021 as brands plan to target businesses from all angles with a uniform message.

  •  AI 

Artificial Intelligence has been powering consumer marketing for years now, and that we see AI becoming a B2B marketing trend over 2021. 

Artificial Intelligence is already liable for intuitive chatbots and smart replies in email, and helping find an honest fit between employer and employee on LinkedIn. AI powers most advertising algorithms, Marketing Automation, and conversational marketing technologies. AI is poised to form a good more discernible impact on B2B marketing in 2021 because the technology evolves. 


  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality may be a fast-moving and unexpected B2B Marketing trend for 2021. Both our two key drivers of COVID and technology apply here. Virtual walkthroughs have replaced physical walkthroughs; and computer game technology has dropped in cost as tech advances. VR and AR give prospects a hands-on experience together with your product or service during a unique medium.


  • Data Security as a core Marketing Competency

Businesses collect different sorts of data from their potential targets. Analysing data informs various decisions, especially when it involves marketing.

However, prospective business clients are skittish about outside parties accessing their data. as an example , if your brand operates within the SaaS field, you’d got to access your client’s data to integrate their system.